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Welcome to the Story-Games Wiki

Welcome to Story Games

This site is here to introduce you to story games. Many story games have their roots in role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, but usually have less emphasis on combat and more on storytelling, and likely have rules that are quite different. Most of these games are played around a table; players describe what happens in the story, often acting roles of characters in that story. (For games that are played standing up or which more closely resemble theater games, try pointing a search engine at the terms "LARP" or "jeepform.")

Some of the story games described on this site might be called role-playing games by most; this wiki has no rigorous policy about either term. In any case it focuses on story games that stem from the RPG tradition.

A Story Games Primer

If you've played role-playing games, then all that about sitting around the table and stuff probably sounds pretty old hat and vague to you. How's that different from what you're doing already?

On the other hand, if you've got no related game experience and have just come here from a story-gaming forum wondering what the heck they were all talking about, you might want some of the same things clarified.
Whichever of those people you are, A Story Games Primer is for you.

Story Games by Title

There are lots of story-game systems out there, representing a wide range of styles and genres. If you've heard of one or two and wonder what they're about, Story Games by Title is a good place to start learning more.

Browse Games

From the game pages, you might then branch out and look at Story Games By Category.

Find Players

You might find some story gamers in your area by checking NearbyGamers (they aren't affiliated with this site).

Our Users' Faves

Some of our users talk a bit about their favorite games.

How do I get started?

Some games are actually hosted right here on this wiki. You might also look at the Actual Play pages hosted here.

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